Tuesday, March 9, 2010

to whom i may concerned.

one day if all of you happen to read this, i just want to say i'm really sorry.

i don't have right to blame all of you. i have to do this because i don't want to hurt any of us again. the truth is i don't want to hurt myself again. having friends shouldn't be painful as this but i kept hurting myself. it's hurt. really hurt. you'll never understand this.

it's not your fault. i never open myself to anyone since..you know when. i'm really grateful to be your friend and will always forever be.

if you happen to read this someday, can you answer my question. i couldn't find the answer till now.
"What does friendship means, when you're not needed?"
just answer this and that's all i'm asking for. that's all.

i really love all of you from the bottom of my heart
but there's always a price to pay for someone like me to belong in a friendship.

dedicated to: muffins

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